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Taking what your heart desire
Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

Genre: Romance.

Warning: NC 17 slash.

Author note: A thousand thanks for Kathryn and DM Mitchell for helping commenting on my story and gave me the push I need to post them.

This is the first time I ever write this pairing and the character is OOC but I hope you guys don’t mind, gripping the character’s personality has always been my weakness

Looking for a beta

Taking what you heart desire

Summary: Abe has keeps his attraction to Henry a secret until he couldn’t anymore. Or in Henry is oblivious and unintentionally make Abe jealous by having sex with others…

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Abe stepped closer toward the room, the muffled sounds of grunting and moaning from the other side of the door becoming louder with each step. He is turning red but not from anger, from jealousy



Henry groans, and pick up his rhythm. Moving, moving, moving…relentless… outward, inward, filling him…and he let go, finding his sweet release, as he come, biting his lips from screaming his name. And he still can’t look at those eyes that look so much like Abe’s

It takes a moment before he realizes they’re being watch…

“Abe” Shit, Abe is pissed.

“You guys are really loud. How long do you guys plan to go at it” he said through gritted teeth. Abe is practically seeing red…


The door slams close before Henry open it and follow his pupil inside. The hotheaded teen is fuming with anger.

“Look, I am sorry I offend your delicate sensibility” Henry sigh, he just needs to let out weeks of sexual frustration before he jumps Abraham. “Seriously Abe, it is hardly the first time…”

Abe had reached his decision by now. "I don't want you bringing any conquests home again."

"Uh, what?" Henry stopped.

"Told you. Don't want you sleeping around anymore."

Henry frowned. "Why? Since when are you such a huge prude anyway?” His voice is stern “And did you forget this is my home and I am the one giving orders around here"

Abe turn his face halfway, he have this look in his face. It is a very definite look. And it downs on the vampire. “Oh” Henry can’t believe he is so stupid.

“You should have said so” he murmurs. He locks his eyes with Abe’s and somehow, half the air is sucked out of the room as that single-minded focus concentrates solely on Abe.

Henry is heart-stopping beautiful. His dark chocolate brown hair is a mess, his shirt hanging out-his deep brown eyes bold and dazzling.

Deep down Abraham had been very aware of Henry’s desire-it frightened him and excited him at the same time. Henry strolls slowly towards him. Confident, sexy, eyes blazing, and his heart begin to pound. Abe’s blood pumping through his body. Desire, thick and hot, pools in his belly. Henry stands in front of his staring fervently into his eyes, wearing his sexy predatory look. He’s so freaking hot.

Abraham breath hitches; he knew where this is going. He knows he could still said no, trust that Henry would back away if he did and they could pretend none of this ever happens. But there was a part deep down that did not want to fight this anymore, that want Henry badly.

Henry started to run his cold hand up and down his bare right arm and the hypnotic movement both sooth and arouse him.

The skin beneath his fingers felt as though it was on fire

Reaching up, Henry caresses his cheek, running his long fingers down to his chin, which he grasps between his thumb and forefinger. Oh my, his proximity, his delicious Henry’s smell. Abraham’s heart is pounding, his blood singing as it courses through his body, desire pooling, unfurling…everywhere. Henry pulls him down and kisses him gently on the mouth, his fingers slipping into his love’s hair. Instinctively, the brunet put his arms around Henry’s neck, and immediately his kiss hardened and deepened.

Henry prodded Abraham's lips gently asking for permission and when it is granted he slid his tongue into the warm cavern. Abe let out a moan. Henry guide Abe’s tongue into his mouth. Their tongues collided together, Abraham clumsy with his attempts to match Henry’s more expertise maneuvers. Tasting the faint trace of wine and something that was purely, simply, Henry. His head spun, reason lost in the entanglement of their tongues, in the taste of Henry, in the heat and wetness and softness of Henry. It was overwhelming and amazing and lights a fire deep down. Abraham force himself to pulls away first, breathless and hand trembling as it slid from Henry's neck …They need to talk first.

Abe's mouth was pink and flushed, wet and lewd looking and he has to stop himself from attacking his lip again.

The brunet stared into the vampire's eyes "Henry…" Abraham breathed, the haunting sense of taboo making the feel of the other man's hand on his skin much more enjoyable, "what is this," Abraham gestured between himself and Henry,

He plants a soft kiss under Abe’s earlobe while his fingers tighten in his hair. Pulling his head back, he expose Abe’s throat to his lips. His teeth skim his chin and he kisses the throat. “Whatever you want it to be” he murmur and he mean it. He love Abe and he would be happy with anything Abe willing to give him even if it is just sex.

“I want you, Abe” Henry murmured lowly, right against his ear. Abe’s breath hitches “I’ve wanted you from the first moment I saw you” He licked his ear, drawing it into his mouth, and Abe moan. He felt the sharpest prick of teeth, and he shivered.

Abe’s moans and reach up to grasp his arms.

“Me too” Abraham kisses him. The brunet can feel the smile that bloom over Henry’s lips.

Henry kisses him like he can’t get enough, and runs his hands all over his clothed skin. Henry’s desperation is doing things to Abe.

It doesn’t seem possible that kissing Abe could be better than he remembers but somehow it is; just feeling Abe’s hands in his hair, on his shoulders, sliding down his body to touch him through his clothes is making him crazy. He rubs against Abe’s body, slides against him so he can feel all the angles and hard planes of him that don’t give anything back except – God -- every single thing Henry’s wants. It’s fucking amazing and he just keeps going until he’s got Abraham pushing hard against his hip and gasping into his mouth.

Henry takes his hand and leads him to the bed. Henry pushed Abe down on the bed, Henry crawling on top of him, and then straddling him, rubbing against him. Abe lay beneath him; his eyes were now clouded with lust and want as he moved a hand to Henry head and pulled him down into a messy kiss. Abe moan into his mouth as Henry languidly pushes his cock against Abe’s.

Deepening the kiss, Henry adding tongue this time and he rocked back and forth. Abe groaned inwardly, his eyes fluttering closed in ecstasy as the cloth rubbed up against his cock, practically sending sparks going. He whimpered

"You wear too many clothes!" Abraham gripped the hem of Henry's shirt and yanked it over his head in one swift movement. God, Henry was physically perfect, all hard planes and tanned muscle. Abe ran his hand down the smooth lines of his chest, his thumbs skimming over erect pink nipples, licking his lips with desire.

Henry trailed hot, sweet kisses down his cheek, throat and collarbone. Careful of his fang, he nipped at Abe's collar bone, tasting the flesh there momentarily before moving his lips up to his sweetheart's neck. Henry's lips grazed Abe's neck. He tipped out his tongue to taste the sweet salt of Abe's skin and breathed the spicy, gorgeous scent of him, feeling dizzy with desire and love. His eyes closed in pleasure. Their hands continued to passionately caress each other and their hips slid against each other so pleasurably. Henry wished human didn't need air when Abe pulled back gasping.

Henry gloated at Abraham's look. His eyes are fever bright, hair askew and mouth ruddy and swollen from their kiss. His cheekbones fucking beautiful!

Then Henry ran his hands down the younger man’s chest and began to undo the buttons of his shirt, and every lucid thought fled. He peeled the shirt off over Abe's head revealing the younger’s tan torso. Admiring his pearly chest, Henry leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to Abe’s sternum making his lover gasp and squirm.

Then that tongue started lightly tracing down his chest, and he shivered all over again. He pressed his thumbs against the brownish nubs of Abe's nipples, rolling them in between his thumb and index finger. Abe moaned, rolling back his head a little as he enjoyed the pressure. Henry smirked and dragged his tongue across the right one, then blew air onto it making the skin scrunch up and become more sensitive, also causing Abe to yelp. "Henry!"

He sucks at the taut nipple. Abe fisted his hair, holding him close as he panted and moaned beneath the lashes of Henry’s tongue on his nipple. “Oh…So good’.

Reveling in his lover’s reaction, Henry kisses his way down his belly to his trousers.

It was when his hand deftly began to unclasp Abe’s belt that the teen began to feel nervous. “No, wait!” he said hesitantly. “I don’t want…I am not sure”

“I just want to look at you” Henry promised him. Without taking his eyes of Abe’s his hands moving beneath the waistband, skimming him and moving to his behind. His cold hands glide slowly down Abe’s back, removing his trousers as they go. Abe cannot look away. “I will stop if you told me to” Henry promised him, and Abe watched his smoldering gaze travelling over him. It make his fate heated to an uncomfortable temperature.

Henry’s eyes greedily took in every bit of his lover’s luxuriously beautiful form. And fuck was Abe ravishing: the firm muscular body, wide chest and long legs, his gorgeous face and shiny brown hair. His eyes darken and blown with lust

“You’re so beautiful, Abe” Henry breathed, his voice is so full of admiration that it take Abraham’s breath away.

“Henry…” Abe breathed. Dark honey brown eyes met deep brown, and they looked at each other. The moment was passionate and intimate, and Abe again felt staggered at the emotions he felt for the older man.

Henry’s hands began to move over his lover’s body.

Every feather-like touch, every soft, stroking movement made his flesh leap in response. He was almost overwhelmed by the intensity of the feelings Henry was arousing in him. After a time he is as hard as a bone and started to move restlessly on the bed

Henry stops and licks his lips. He moves until his head is between Abe’s thighs. Abraham's dick was already completely flushed, full and erect with precum that dribbled furiously down the thick shaft.

When he licks his cock with his tongue, Abe nearly shot up of the bed.

“Henry! What are you doing?”

“Satisfying your desire” he murmurs against his brunet’s silky skin, buries his face in Abe’s groin. He drops a kiss onto his painfully hard cock “You smell so good” he murmur closing his eyes, a look of pure pleasure on his face, and Abe practically convulse.

Then he got right to it. And God it is heady to taste Abe. Henry lavished more attention on the balls than he had on Abe’s cock, alternating fully-engulfed suckling with gentler kisses and nips that made Abe squirm. Colored lights flashed behind his eyelids as Henry’s tongue continue to excite him, and now he was moaning with desperate need. Abe’s world went white and intense as Henry’s shock of cold mouth engulfs his erection. The vampire used all the knowledge he had gain in his 250 years life to rouse and tease Abe until he is writhing and begging beneath his mouth.

"God . . . Henry . . ." Abe let out a loud moan

When the brunet gripped his head and began to pant, he knew Abe is nearly there so he redoubled his efforts, satisfaction roaring through him when his love thrust hard into his mouth and found his release so forcefully that he felt spasms against his tongue as Abe cried out and filled Henry’s mouth with warm, bitter, slightly sweet come.

Henry continued to hold Abe’s cock and come in his mouth through the aftershocks, then let the younger’s cock slip free and swallowed with a smile. Abe’s eyes held just a touch of awe when Henry looked up. He briefly wonder how he taste to Henry’s keen senses

“What about..?” Abe trailed off, a faint flush spreading across his cheeks.

“Well, how about you just touch it a little bit then,” he suggests, straddling Abe and guiding his hand to where he wanted. Abe can feel his hardness. His dark brown eyes hazy as he ease Henry's trousers down over his knees. He could not help but stare at Henry’s cock, hard and already leaking. Not as big as his but still impressive. His mouth watered as he can’t help but wonder how it would taste.

He pushed back up to kiss Henry again, as his hand closed around his cock and began slowly caressing the length.

“Yeah, just like that.” His eyelids flutter shut as Abe tightened his grip on him and made a slow strokes and, and he sighs happily, leaning down for more kisses. Taking that as a good sign, Abe did it again, thought a bit faster this time. He was rewarded with a shudder.

“Oh, Abe... Move your hand faster. Twist it over the end every now and again." Henry let out a moan; his hips were thrusting constantly now.

He tried to time his hand with the thrusts of Henry's hips, twisting his hand as his mentor had requested, dragging his palm over the end, before back along to the very base.

“Fuck, Abe. So good”

Abe can barely contain his riotous feeling for Henry-or are they hormones-that rampage through his body.

Abe’s free hand coming up to wrap around the back of Henry’s neck, and he pulls him closer, licking into his mouth like he’s searching for every last drop of his cum, and damn, there’s a hand on his dick, and can life get any better than this?

His voice drops an impossible few octaves lower “You could fuck me, if you want”

And isn’t that just blows Abe’s mind. “Next time” he flushed, moving his hand up and down Henry's cock, feeling the slipperiness of Henry's pre-come (and seeing the color on Henry's cheeks, the overwhelmed expression, the joy)

“Good. I want to ride you” Abe flush even deeper if it is possible.

He's pretty sure he's got the hang of it now and he concentrates on going faster, tightening up and Henry moaning got louder. He want to make Henry come, wants to see and feel it so he picks up the speed, jacking faster, and tugging harder

“God, Abe” he let out a loud moan.

Tightening his upwards strokes and he can feel Henry tremble in his arms. Henry will spill over his hand soon enough. He squeezes the base of Henry’s dick, tugs his balls down

Henry says his name over and over again, until it's a broken chant that falls apart entirely when he comes. Henry's orgasm is a violent mess, and Abe can't take his eyes off it. He feels stunned into wonder.

Without thinking, Abe bring his finger to his lip for a taste, it wasn’t so bad. Slightly bitter. The older male whimpered at the sight.

Reaching for Abe’s hands, he brought both to his lips and gave them both a slight kiss before lapping up at the liquid there, his eyes never leaving Abe’s, whose pupils were blown.

Abraham still wasn’t sure what he feels for Henry (is this love?) but tangled with him, spent and warm and content, Abe felt like he can lie forever in his arms. Abraham sighed and drifted off to sleep surrounded by his scent and his warmth, and his arms

Henry pulled him as close as he could, lulling himself to sleep with Abe’s warmth and smell. He was very nearly drunk on it, on him. They need to practice but for now he would let them lie here a little longer

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Author note: Sorry the sex scene is too long just think Hank would want to take his time the first time around. He did say he want to make love and not just sex to Alex

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of X-men or I will be really rich and there will be tons of slash in it.

Credit: Thanks for to my friend Proud Wizard and Mutant for commenting on this story or I will be to scare to post it. What? Everyone has stage fright. Please review or I might think it wasn’t good enough.

A thousands thanks for my beta Rensei-chan.

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i good clear glimpse of Alex personality but i am not sure about lorna. Please can anyone share info about her. i search the internet ut doesn't get much

Ice It up!
Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

Genre: Romance. Modern AU.

Warning: NC 17 slash.

Author note: A thousand thanks for Kathryn for helping commenting on my story and gave me the push I need to post them.  
This is a really hard kink to write so please be gentle with me and please review.

I am searching a beta.

Ice IT up!

Alex always sent Hank dirty e-mail, loving as he does to drive him crazy and craving him before working hours have even ended.

The earlier in the day; the better. This morning is no difference.

Hank’s body momentarily stiffens as he scanned the message.

“Hey sexy, this hard cock reminds me of holding your throbbing cock. Can’t wait to feel you tonight” [With a picture of his inner thigh— without showing anything X-rated.]

P.S: I have something new I wanted to try today ;)

‘Teasing bastard’ the naughty images in Hank’s mind made him feel so damn hot!

Alex turns down the air conditioner, and let the summer air in to set the room in the right temperature for what he had in mind. He just has to take a cold shower before Hank came home. The blond congratulated himself for the amazing idea for celebrating their first summer together as lovers. 

His hand-phone rings to signal text messages. Knowing full well who it is, Alex quickly picks his phone and read the message.

My arching cock can’t wait to be inside you and making you screams ;)

Alex moans at the mental image, his cock harden. Hank had become so good at sex-ting him back.

Now, hours later, Hank crushed their lips together. It's a hungry kiss, as hungry as Hank’s hands that tear at his black T-shirt. Alex’s fingers automatically threaded through Hank’s soft locks and he kissed back with equal fervor. The brunet pulls off his blond’s clothes, leaving him with his jeans hugging his lower thighs.  

Hank shoved his tongue in Alex's mouth and buried his hands in his Eros's hair. Alex moaned in approval. He loved when Hank kissed him like this, demanding and holding nothing back. Hank explores the hidden recess of his mouth, stroking his teeth and tongue. Alex's tongue joined in and he took a moment to take his love’s bottom lip and suck on it.

Hank was the first to break the kiss. He looked into Alex's flushed face, with his swollen well loved lips gasping for air and dazed lust filled eyes. ‘So fucking beautiful’

Hank trail hot, sweet kisses down his cheek, throat and collarbone. Hank was nipping at Alex's collar bone, tasting the flesh there momentarily before moving his lips up to his sweetheart's neck.

Hank’s lips grazing Alex's neck. He tipped out his tongue to taste the sweet salt of Alex's skin and breathed the spicy, gorgeous scent of him, feeling dizzy with desire and love. His eyes closed in pleasure. Alex’s own lips drifting back and forth across his brunet’s temple as their hands continue to passionately caressing each other and their hips slid against each other so pleasurably.

“What’s the new stuff you wanted to try?” 

“What?” Alex asked confuse, still lost in the sensation of Hank’s.

“You heard me,” Hank smiles at the effect he had on his love.

Alex snapped out of Hank induce daze. The younger spread his legs and sitting up across Hank’s lap. He needs to get Hank really horny before the ‘real fun’ begins.

“Let get naked first” moves his fingers down to the top button on Hank’s vest, and popping it open. He repeats the gesture with the next button, and the next, until he can flip the folds of the vest out of the way.
“You wear too many clothes” peel Hank’s white shirt up and over his head. 
Admiring his pearly chest, Alex leans down and presses a quick kiss to Hank's sternum making his lover gasps, squirming. He brings a hand up and pinches one of Hank's nipples without warning causing the brunet moans. His other hand gropes at the hard abs. Hank let out a small gasp; he was really sensitive when people touched his stomach.

Hank fingers start tugging at the buttons of Alex’s jeans. He hooks his fingers in Alex's pants, pulling the whole mess, jeans and boxers, down off his hips. Hank strokes Alex's cock a few times, touching his thighs, hips, quick, sudden brushes of fingertips that leave his blond Angel twitching, whimpering and rock hard.

Sliding his hand under Hank's trousers, Alex tease the skin above and around Hank's erection, coming so seductively close but never quite reaching its target.

Hank let out a moan that made Alex's eyes close with pure want. He slid his hand hard over Hank's shaft, and Hank ground himself into it.

“Christ, Alex please” Hank whimper.

Alex’s eyes gleams mischievously and strokes him torturously slow. He takes his time, kissing Hank, and strokes up and down, spreading precome along his sweetheart’s cock. 

Just as soon as it started; Alex stopped making his boyfriend whimper in protest.  Alex’s rosy lips curl into an impish smile. Alex takes his hand out of the boxers and licks, winking at Hank. The older male whimpered at the sight. 

Alex unbuckle Hank's belt before hooks his fingers in Hank’s pants. Alex pulls Hank’s trousers, down off his hips. Hank’s dick is already completely flushed, full and erect with precome that dribbled furiously down the thick shaft. The real fun can begin now.
“Wait a sec…” Alex kisses him once, firm, slipping his tongue through Hank's parted lips, before shifted from the bed. Alex pulls his jeans completely off his legs. Hank decided to do the same.

His blond Angel walked across the room to their cupboard. Hank was drawn to Alex’s sweet ass as they intentionally swayed from side to side making his awakening crotch got larger. ‘Tease’ Hank thinks with a fond smile. His lover is so smug and sexy and he loves it.

Hank’s heart beat fast with anticipation, he wonder what new kink Alex had in his kinky mind. Knowing Alex, it will be something amazing. Hank licks his lips at the promise of mind blowing sex.

Alex had a blindfold and a red scarf in his hands.

“Bondage? But we have done that a few times” Hank frown a little before he held out his hand to his lover. “Not that I am complaining” he smiles.

“This is just the first part of the game” The blond stared at Hank with a new look in his eyes, a mischievous one that Hank had never seen before. Alex slowly struts to the bed, with his beautiful hips swaying from side to side in invitation.

Hank grabbed his blond and pulls him close, snaking his arms around him and kissing him; rough, wet and hot. With his hands on Hank’s shoulder, Alex gently pushes Hank down among the pillows. Hank sighed contentedly as he stretched and arched like a cat. Alex took a few seconds to appreciate the sight of his naked Adonis, because what a damn fine sight it is. 

"Baby…” Hank’s voice is full of love and lust.

“God Hank … you're so … beautiful” he breathed out before lowering his head to plunder his lips again. 

Alex’s tongue sweeps over his lower lip. Gasping, Hank opened up to his blond and then Alex’s tongue was in his mouth, running over his own, searching, seeking, and Hank could barely think. He felt his cheeks grow warm; his head swam lightly as he grew dizzy. Alex’s mouth crashing against Hank’s in a much more frantic pace. Their tongues swept wildly together, twisting and sucking and it feel really wonderful. Hank’s arm curls around his neck, pulling him closer still. Alex plunged further still into the kiss and Hank arched into him, a muffled moan vibrating through into his mouth. Hank wished they doesn’t need air when Alex pulled back, gasping for air.

 Alex gloats at Hank’s look: his eyes are fever bright, hair askew, mouth ruddy and swollen from their kiss, and his cheekbone flush. So fucking beautiful!

Straddling his lap, rolling his hips against Hank's so their erections grinds together. Hank let out an appreciative groan and grinds up into Alex more fervently.

He bent down and began placing slow, lazy kisses to Hank's jaw.  “Just relax. I will make you feels amazing…" he whispered lovingly.

Hank grins broadly and places his wrists together above his head. Alex starts looping the scarf around Hank's wrists in tight eights before feeding the scarf in between the square wooden bars that make up the decorative headboard. He double-knots the ends and checks his work, yanking hard, and when the knots hold, Alex grins smugly at his work.

Alex kissed his lips passionately before placing the black blindfold over Hank’s eyes and ties it behind his head. 

An all too familiar sensation of excitement pooled together in the brunet’s stomach now that he is both restrain and blindfolded.
"Just relax and wait here" the words were purred against his ear, and Hank’s eyes slid shut, nodding slightly.

Disentangling himself from his Adonis, Alex lifted himself from the bed. Hank hears footsteps getting farther away. Hank waited, listened carefully for Alex.

A few minutes later, Hank is getting impatient. He wonders what could take his blond beauty so long. Here he was, tied up, blind and blindingly hard. Is the blond not find the sex tools he wanted to use or is the kink is to leave your lover until they gone insane by desire. It was confusing and made his heart pump a little faster, nervous and unsure. 

Just as the brunet begins contemplating on how to get free; Alex's steps are audible from down the hall.

Alex walks into the room carrying a bucket of slightly melted ice cubes, a bottle of hot water, a pack of Altoid mint and a bottle of club soda.

Hank heard footstep easing closer and the floor creaked beside the bed. Alex put the bucket, bottle and mint on the table beside the bed. Smaller body crawled on top of Hank.

“Sorry” he grins. Alex’s husky voice in Hank’s ear made him shudder down to his toes. "The real game is just about to begin…"
Alex lifted a piece ice cube to his pink lips and bit down on it, holding it there as he leaned into hank. Droplets of water trickled down over his plump bottom lip and chin, dripping onto Hank. Then, he traced Hank’s red lips with it. The cold made Hank flinch at first before it started to feel damn good. 

He felt the ice against his lips as Alex pressed his mouth to Hank's. But before Hank could kiss him Alex shook his head minutely and told him to swirl his tongue around the ice cube. On cue, Alex extending his tongue and swirling it around the melting ice cube. Hank wasn’t about to argue so he started to lap at it too, his tongue meeting Alex's cold one. It seemed Alex's resolve was melting as quickly as the ice as he surged forward and kissed Hank feverishly, pushing the ice cube into his boyfriend's mouth in the process.

The ice cube was passed between their mouths until it was a tiny remnant of its former size, leaving both their lips red and swollen from all the kissing.

Then, Alex tickles Hank’s rosy lips with the tip of his very, cold tongue. Sweet, cold kisses planted on his lover’s cheeks .Tickling Hank’s chin, ears and neck that are highly sensitive with the tip of his tongue. Hank whimpered at the chilly wet feel.

He felt his lover’s nail run through his hair in a gentle fashion and massages his scalp with his fingertips. His other hand trail the ice along his hairline and temples, all the way down to the base of his beauty’s neck. The chill prickled at Hank’s skin causing Hank to shivers in pleasure. Using the hand in his hair, the blond gently pulled his head back. 

Alex's tongue slid up the chilly trail on his neck, teeth scraping delicately across his skin. Bits down, hard enough to feel it, not hard enough to truly hurt, and Hank’s fingers curled in pleasure. Such sweet pain, he thought as his Eros kissed the place he'd bitten him.

Hank wondered how many ice cubes they would use before Alex move the ice cubes to more pleasurable areas of his body. He shuddered at the thought of the ice sliding across his belly and back, and lower down. Alex smirked at his shuddering and picked up another ice cube between pale fingertips. 

"Where do we want this one to go? I'm guessing you might have some of your own ideas?" Alex said in a husky deep voice, smiling widely as he advanced on Hank once more. 

“You are a better tactician than I am” Hank replied huskily. “Fucking shows me how it is done” hank challenges. He knows how much his Eros loves a challenge.

Hank’s dirty talk makes his hard cock harden even more. And since his brunet just 'throws him the glove' he is going to blow his mind!

“Eager much, Hank. Alright, watch and learn” Alex voice like smooth whisky making Hank shuddered down to his toes.

Alex sucks on the ice cubes before running delightfully chilly little kisses down Hank’s neck to the hollow of his neck and takes the tender flesh between his teeth. Hank moans and Alex feels the vibration in his brunet’s skin.

Warm air puffed against Hank’s neck making him shiver. The blond strokes the skin with his devilish tongue and tastes the saltiness of his moist, flushed skin. Hank feels Alex rubbing the cold ice all over his neck. Hank shivered then as his flesh constricted into a veritable landscape of goosebumps. The chill prickled at his skin, and Hank's hands clenched. Alex warmed Hank up by licking and nipping the frosty trail with his warm mouth. The cold and hot combo sends jolts of electricity coursing through Hank’s system causing him to whimpers and moan. 

The blond beauty dips down and pauses beneath his Adam’s apple and massage the area in wide circular motions with his tongue to excite Hank’s thyroid. It made the brunet gurgle Alex’s name in maximum pleasure. The blond smiles at his neck.

He rolled Hank onto his stomach. The silken sheets felt soft against his bare skin, and the summer’s air above warm against his bare back and legs. 

When he felt Alex’s warm fingers sliding the ice cube over his warm back, he almost jumped. A new kind of tension filling the brunet’s body at the electricity of the ice.Tracing circles on the sensitive skin of Hank’s back. Starting at neck underneath the hairline, the blond man worked his way slowly along the spine, and travel down the back of Hank’s legs. 

Hank tingled from the cold and a familiar need was already hot like blood and as hard as a bone between his legs. 

Paying special attention to the gorgeous buttocks, Alex covers the entire skin surface – and all the little curves and crevices – with little spiral motions of icy trails. Hank shivered and whimpers aloud. Alex immediately traces the chilly trail off with his warm tongues causing Hank to shivers again and he whimpers even louder.

Alex picks up another ice cube and suck hard on it for twenty seconds. 

He gently parts the cheeks of Hank's ass and licking him open with his cold tongue, devouring him. The musky, bitter scent almost cuts through the cloying, sweet stench of decay that lingers permanently in his nostrils. Hank closed his eyes against the burn and chilly of having cold tongue working him loose, apparently liking it if the animation of his prick was anything to go by. Jesus, Hank is so, painfully hard!

The blond crawl the length of the bed, making sure he kept his skin in continuous contact with his brunet beauty. 
Hank quivers as he felt warm breath on his earlobes. Alex rubs the ice all over his ears slowly, stimulating tons of nerve ending. Squeezing the earlobes, Alex bent down to playfully licks and kissing the ears all over causing the older man to whimper. He then placed a cold kissed to the tip of his ear and nibble gently on his earlobe. He could hear the rasp of Hank’s voice as his beautiful lover trembled softly and groaning in pleasure. His love’s action is a huge turns on for Hank and he is leave wanting more. Hank can feel his younger lover smiles at his ear.

“Turn over” his voice low and seductive as his lips grazing Hank’s ear. Feeling his love’s lips there, make Hank tingly all over.

Hank quickly complied and lay on his back.

Alex took another ice cube then sucks on it for one minute.

A shiver shot through Hank’s body when drops of ice-cold water hit his chest. Alex was holding an ice cube in his hand, melting it with the warmth of his palm, the drops splashing on Hank’s hot skin. Alex drops cold water all around his chest except his nipple and the area near it. Hank moaning softly from Alex kissing and licking his bare chest of the droplets of water, only stopping here and there to bites on the porcelain skin.


Alex slowly slides the ice in circle starting outside his areola, circling closer toward his strawberry nipple. His blond keeps tantalizing him by zeroing in closer with the ice. As soon as he was done with it, his tongue immediately had contact with the frosty skin to warm it up.

Hank's body tingled and his hand clawed at the sheets, letting out a loud moan.

 Alex grins and exhales gently on his right nipple causing him to shudder before circling the nipple with his tongue. Alex heard the slight gasp Hank made as his frosty tongue laved over his rosy pink nipple. Taking this as a good sign, the blond sucked and nibbled gently at the thin sensitive flesh of his nipple and was rewarded with another sudden inhale of breath that escaped Hank's pouty lips. Sucking and biting harder at his nipples while his fingers lightly trailed back down Hank’s sensitive abdomen; the brunet’s breath started to hitch. Alex sucked even harder before biting it hard. Hank sucked in his breath, the need to cry out again taking him over. The younger lover gently licked his nipple to ease the pain he'd caused his man.

Alex proceeds to do the same to the other nipple. Then he touches the ice on Hank’s wrists and inner elbow, his thin-skinned spots. Stimulating these sensitive areas make Hank feels so sensual.

Rubbing the ice across the front of his lover’s body in a downward motion, Alex slides it across his boyfriend’s stomach and rubbing it around his waist causing his skin erupted in thousands of goose bumps. Alex popped a cube into Hank’s navel and swirl in around the sides of his hips. Hank curled his toes and moaned softly.

His breathing became raspy as Alex nibbled and licked over the frosty trail. It made Hank even more aroused since he is very sensitive there. The blond smiled mischievously and stopped briefly to press cold, wet kiss on his navel and dip his tongue into his bellybutton and swirl it around causing Hank to very-nearly-laugh. Alex is a little a disappointed that he doesn’t. Hank has a beautiful laugh.

Alex kiss, lick, and tease the area between Hank’s belly button and penis for several minutes. This area is a little-known erogenous zone and make Hank hit the roof in desire for him!

"Alex, please. I need you." Hank gasped out, wishing he could plead with his eyes. Damn, the blindfold. 

Alex's eyes quickly look at Hank’s face and found him flush; sweat dampened his forehead and hair. Alex grins but decided to ignore his lover plea; it wasn’t the time to release him yet. He wanted to prolong Hank’s pleasure. 

Alex pulled out another ice cube, and took it in his teeth and moves down to his partner’s thighs. Ignoring the one place Hank want him to touch the most, Alex rubbed the ice slowly but firmly down his love’s inner thighs in a straight line causing Hank to gasps in pleasure. It made Hank’s desire for a blowjob on fire.

“Suck me.” Hank called out. “Please, please”

Smirking devilishly, Alex rubbed his cooled lips around his groin and inner thighs — everywhere except his package — making Hank insane with want.

 “Alex, please. God Alex, please.” Hank begged.

The younger's eyes seemed to light up with a soft smirk as he watched Hank's reaction, how the brunet wish to touch himself. But of course Hank can’t free himself from his restrain. Alex loves to hear Hank’s begs.

He sucks the ice for a full minute. Alex licked, sucked, and bit the skin, making sure to leave a few tiny love bites on his lover’s inner thighs. Hank moaning softly at each bite. It feels so erotic!

Then he rubbed the ice on the backs of Hank’s knee. Running the ice slowly down the calf muscles to his feet. Alex makes his hands very cold with ice cubes before gently rubs each toe between his thumb and forefinger, moving up and down the V between them. It chills his skin, awakens the nerves and bliss Hank out. Hank toes curl in pleasure at the intense pleasure washing his body in waves. 

The blond retrace his steps, only this time, he use the tip of his tongue and lick each toe as if it were a penis. This sends a bolt of erotic electricity through Hank’s system making Hank’s toes curl in pleasure and give him a preview of the pleasure to come.

'God, I can’t wait to have those cold mouth wraps around my hard-as-steel cock'. 

“Let me come” Hank called out. “Please, please”

He glanced at his lover and loved what he saw. Hank is flush, spread open and helpless before him.

"Don't worry, baby...I'll do it later”

Ignoring the sound of protest, Alex swirls his tongue over the ice for 20 seconds and bend down to his sole. Hank giggled as Alex licks the bottom of his feet. His entire face lit up at the sound, the sound of Hank. He loves Hank’s laughter. Alex deliberately tickle Hank’s with the tip of his tongue. Hank laughs aloud.

“Baby…I’m r-really t-ticklish there” Hank said in between laughter. “S-Stop”

Taking pity on him, the blond decided to use firmer pressure. Alex licks the arches of his sole with long strokes of his frosty, tongue causing Hank gasping in pleasure. The area of the brain that processes touch down there is nearby the zone that registers sensations to his genitals, speeding up Hank’s arousal. 

It’s too much, he is too painfully aroused. 

“ALEX- PLEASE, I need you…!” Hank begged. “I think I might just die if I don’t get to come soon!”

Alex’s blue eyes glinting deviously and he let his nipples skim lightly along Hank’s feverish body as he heads up and tongue his neck and ears. That was the straw that break the camel’s back, Hank lost it. 

"Alex! Stop being such a tease and get on with it!" Hank growled impatiently.

“Okay, sweetheart,” the blond chuckle, he loved it when Hank orders him around. It is so sexy.

Alex move downward to Hank’s groin. 

The blond beauty makes his hand cold by rubbing his palm with ice again.

Cupping his hand around Hank’s member, Alex creates a "bun" around his "hot dog". Then he kisses the part of his lover’s penis that's exposed while breathing hard. Alex’s hand traps his exhalations and made his penis feel super hot. With his other hand, Alex worked Hank’s testicles. Hank thought he had died and gone to heaven. 

He place his hands palm-down on Hank so his thumb and index fingers form a loose triangle around his man’s package. Sliding his thumbs up and down Hank’s perineum and apply firm, steady pressure to the crease.

"Ohhh… yes!"

Alex chuckled as he drives Hank crazy by rubbing Hank’s frenulum against his nipple causing his lover to whimpers in pleasure. 
His blond Eros bring the side of his shaft against the outside of one of his cheeks, then Alex put it up to his lips and cover it with cold, wet kisses. As he is kissing, the blond gently cradle his testicles in the palm of his hand. Alex’s cold hand and smooches made him even more arouse. Then his blond lightly rubs his shaft with the terribly cold, ice cube on his hot erection. The feeling was too intense to decide right then and there if it was too painful or too enjoyable, Hank gasp.

"Please B-baby… I want to cum!"

Alex didn't really act like he was listening as he hold him firmly at the base of his shaft with one hand and start pumping his frosty hand up and down his shaft really slowly for a minute, then build up speed for 10 or 15 seconds, then slow down again. Just the way he knows Hank loves it. Alex continues this for awhile, giving the head of his lover’s penis a light squeeze every now and then. Hank let a bout of soft moans.

While he is working Hank with one hand, Alex uses his other to cup his balls and gently tug the sac. Pulling it ever so slowly and pumping it. Alex read his body language from start to finish and vary his pace and pressure accordingly. Hank moan aloud and thrust his pelvis into Alex’s hand, the blond tighten his grip before speeding up his works to finish him off. Hank is so close and moans loudly with need.


The younger man finally allowed him a release when he gives Hank all the speed he can take and the brunet is launched into orgasmic orbit. Hank’s expression was contorted with pleasure, and the blond could feel that hunger stirring deep in his loins as he took in his Adonis’ every expression. 

Hank screamed with such ferocity as he came so hard and fast, cock pulsing in time with his overwhelming release. His eyes rolled back as the pleasure pounded into him, heart thudding erratically within his chest. His juice flows out onto his boyfriend’s hand. Alex wrap up with a slow, base-to-head massage until Hank’s body stops twitching.

Then Alex slid his semen-slick fingers into his mouth and licks it all off, savoring Hank’s unique flavor. The salt-sweet taste makes his mouth water. Alex’s body started to heat up even more, his cock getting even more painfully hard. 

Alex took another ice and rubs it all over Hank’s thigh, setting off a chain reaction that electrifies and energizes his man all over and making Hank hard again. 

"Alex please…" Hank begged. 

“Patience” Alex grins and pulls out another ice cube before sucking hard on it for 20 seconds.

Alex put his chilly tongue on the tip of Hank’s penis and swirl it round. The blond works his tongue around his love’s testicles making him whimpers. Starting with his tongue at the top left-hand corner of the scrotum, Alex traces a path down along the side and, once he reach the bottom, he do a U-turn and swoop up the middle seam between Hank’s testicles. Then he backtracks down the seam, around the bottom, and up the right side. Essentially, Alex traces a large “Wow!” in Hank’s mind.

 Then Alex teased Hank with his tongue, licking every inch of his cock and lapping at his balls until the brunet thought that he might come before he even got his cock into that beautiful mouth. 

Alex takes a sip of the hot water to get his mouth nice and toasty, and swallow. Then he takes another small sip, but this time he held on to the liquid as he engulfed Hank’s entire cock in his mouth. Hank's eyes opened wide with surprise before clenching shut as a low groan escaped his lips when all at once he felt Alex’s hot, wet mouth swallowing his sack. He cried out from surprised and panted.

 Alex swishes the water around his member for a few seconds and then swallows. The alternate between warm and cold temperature make the brunet’s jaw drop. He felt fabulous! Slick and salty against his tongue, lust blurring Alex’s surroundings. Hank, if it weren't for a strong hand on his hips, would have immediately bucked into Alex’s hot mouth.

Guiding his brunet’s penis at an angle inside his mouth so that it hits the inside of one cheek, Alex then moves his head so his penis goes slowly in and out. The soft texture of his cheek feels good on Hank’s tip, eliciting a groan of pleasure from his sweetheart.

The blond eagerly, takes the head of his lover’s penis in and out of his mouth while he simultaneously rubbing his shaft back and forth between his palms. This way, Alex stimulates his penis in four directions at once. Hank’s hips rocked slightly, matching his in and out rhythm.

"G-god Al…"

Expertly, said man got the queue and bobbing his head up and down Hank’s length faster and moaned in his throat. He could feel the head vibrate and he knew Hank would feel it too. The vibration sent chills racing up Hank's spine and sky-rocketing his bliss. Knowing his beautiful sweetheart is enjoying himself is a huge turn-on for Hank.

Alex sucks on another ice for 20 seconds. 

Holding the base of his man’s penis and resting his chin on the underside of his shaft for stability, Alex places the underside of his tongue on the frenulum and quickly swipes it from side to side like a windshield wiper. The soft, silky texture feels remarkably sublime on the super-sensitive spot. Hank moans aloud as he lost in ecstasy. 

Making his tongue as flat as possible, Alex slowly run it along Hank’s pride and joy from base to tip. He takes his sweet time and leaves no spot un-licked. He smiled when a groan of delight escaped his love’s lips, prompting him to lick him again. The sensation feels so delightful!

Alex licks his front teeth; tilt his head sideways, then press the flat of his chompers against Hank’s shaft, running them up and down its length. This move feels smooth.

Alex nibbles his way up the side of his penis as if it were corn on the cob, taking the skin lightly between his lips and tugging gently. This little love nips galvanize the brunet’s nerve endings making Hank moans with need — and make the blond seems like a bit of an animal which is hot.

Alex pulls away and Hank groans at the loss of sensation. 

“Let’s try something a little different, shall we” he can hear the smirk in Alex’s voice. It builds his anticipation for whatever his blond will try next.

Alex popped a mint in his mouth then takes a swig of club soda and to create a fizzing, bubbly eruption in his mouth. Alex wrapped his mouth around Hank’s dick and start bobbing up and down. The sensation of Alex’s mouth sent Hank spine-tingly thrills and makes him shiver with delight. 

He start with five slow bobs, then move to four slow bobs and one fast, then three slow and two fast, and so on. Once he reached five fast ones, Alex reverts back to five slow, then he repeat. It feels fabulous!

Hank began to buck fiercely.”Alex, I am nearly there”

His words urged his blond to suck hard and fast, wanting to make him come as hard as he had before. With a firm squeeze of his balls, Alex felt Hank’s body shudder, a wild grunt escaping his throat as his seed spilled into his mouth. 

Semen filled Alex's mouth and even drizzled down his chin from the corner of his lips. An effortless swallow and there was no remain left except for the semen still on his chin. Alex’s entire body was alive and on fire and now he wanted, no needed to have Hank.

Hank was panting because of the lack of air while Alex was doing the same but he still dragged his body upward and pressed their lips together. Alex kiss him gentle and lovingly. He skimmed his tongue over Hank’s mouth and suck on his bottom lips in a very sweet way. Hank lean in and open his mouth to Alex’s exploration. The kiss become deeper more passionate and they began to ravage each other mouth. They kiss until they are out of breath.

Alex wipes his chin clean with his thumb. He smiled lovingly at Hank even though his love can’t see it. Hank lay beneath him; his legs spread wide, his moist, hot lips eagerly awaiting him. It is a sight to behold!

“Just so you know, I’m going to be the top dog today” he heard his blond’s husky, molasses voice in his ear making him shiver with need.

Alex rarely prefers to be top but when he did he perform amazingly.

Grinning, Hank nodded. "What are you waiting for…fuck me hard" he seductively replied with his husky, velvety voice. Matching his grin, Alex leaned down, kissing him hard on the lips. 

Alex head back down in between Hank’s spread thigh.

He wet his fingers with hot water and shoved a finger inside the undulating form beneath him. The thrilled moan Hank lets out sends an electric jolt straight to Alex’s cock. Hank arched his back and pulled against the restrictions to his limbs.


As Alex slowly worked his tight hole open, adding a second finger after a minute and then a third, Hank was going crazy not being allowed to do anything to himself. Hank’s breathy gasps are almost too much. 

The fingers stretched and repeatedly penetrated his hole. Once he hit the sensitive bundle of nerves that sent a tingling sensation to plague Hank’s whole body, Alex made it his little mission to ram his prostate every time. Hank cries out, twisting, and pushing down against him

But he stopped unexpectedly and without giving Hank a release.

Hank wince and groan of pleasure and pain as Alex slid out the three wet digits from within him. The sting of his stretching shot rockets of the same pain up his spine, causing a full-body shiver to erupt.  

"Alex, please…" Hank begged. Alex’s dick flushed deep red and wet and hard.

Popping an in ice cube in his mouth, the blond beauty sucks it long enough to smooth out the edges and round it off.

Alex parts the cheeks of Hank's ass and gently insert the ice into his hole, pushing it in with his tongue – he is careful not to push it too far inside. Hank felt an electric sensation at first, but the sharp contrast in temperature makes Hank felt WONDERFUL!  
Alex sucks on the ice cube, at times holding the ice between his teeth, and move it in and out of Hank, simulating intercourse. Hank’s toes curl as pleasure wash over his body in a wave.

Hank puts another ice in his mouth and melts it there until round and very wet before slides it in Hank’s rump with his very cold tongue. It made the sensation more intense.

Alex pulled out another ice and did the same with it. The sensation Hank felt is incredible.

Alex squirts a generous dollop of lube onto his fingers and slathers it onto his hard-as-steel cocks. 

When Alex drives his cock into Hank’s ass, the rush of pleasure almost overwhelms him. Hank is good, wet, a mixture of cold and hot and tight that it blows his mind causing him to let out a drawn-out moan! Hank moan, mostly out of surprise, it still feel amazing. The brunet arches his back, forcing Alex deeper, and cries out when his blond hits home. 

Hank felt his blond lover grabbed his hips and pull out slowly until only his tip remained inside him. He gasped when he rams back into Hank’s prostate, nailing it like a bullseye.  He did it again and again, pulling out and slamming back in hard and fast. Hank felt the warmth of Alex’s cock slowly melting away the chill inside him and replacing it by the passionate heat of the movement~ it was perfect!  

"Ooh, fuck… Alex… so good," Hank incoherently said, his hands fisting the bed sheet as he arched his hips towards him. 
Alex could feel Hank’s inner walls clinging to him, wanting to keep him deep inside him as he arched his back needing him to go deeper. His breath came in short pants as he slowly picked up the pace, thrusting faster, harder. 

Hank could feel a familiar tingling sensation spread throughout his body as Alex continued to move in him. He was so close. So fucking close!

Alex wasn't fairing much better himself. He didn't think he could last much longer. He looked at Hank with his eyes closed and head thrown back in pleasure. Hank’s face flushed with desire. Hank look extremely beautiful in the throes of passion, and he wanted to push him over the edge. Alex snaked his hand between their withering bodies and takes Hank’s cock in one hand and jacks it in time to his enthusiastic thrusts. 

“God, yes!” Hank screams as he came hard. His body shuddering and jerking from his orgasm. His last orgasm turns Hank’s muscles to jelly and he sinks down into the mattress with a contented hum.

Alex could feel Hank clench around his cock, clamping down on him like a vice. He grabbed his ass and pumped into him with fury. With one final deep thrust Alex came with an explosive orgasm that left his head spinning. 

Alex collapsed over him; panting as though he had been sprinting. His cock soft and still inside Hank. The blond lied and waits until his breathing has slowed; not wanting to remove himself from his lover’s wet heat. They remained silent, the room now filled with their heavy breaths and the sweet, musky scent of sex surrounding them.

“Fuck that is amazing” Alex grins. “We should totally try it again”

Hank nodded, his eyes still glazed over with desire. He couldn't trust his voice at the moment, his mind still spinning from their latest encounter. 

“That good, huh” Alex smiled before presses his lips to Hank’s

“Yeah" Hank blushed, and he sounds completely worn out, voice gravelly.

The blond pulls out with a satisfying squelch, and quickly release Hank from his restrain before sinking down next to him. 
Alex rests his head on his shoulder and Hank’s arm wraps around Alex’s waist. “Love you,” his blond whispers.

“Love you too” Hank looked at him with heavy lidded eyes, unable to believe just how incredible their lovemaking had felt. He half grin when he saw the satisfied smile on his sweetheart’s face. 

Hank threads his fingers into his Eros’s hair and presses a light kiss to Alex’s forehead then his eyelids. Alex’s eyes slid shut at the sensations, enjoying the feel of Hank's lips. “You’re amazing. I love you so much,” he kisses each of his cheeks and the tip of his nose tenderly. He brush his lips tenderly over Alex’s .Alex leans his head back and exposing the pale expanse of his throat. Hank nips softly at the silky skin there, eliciting low breathy gasps from Alex. 

Alex sighs and snuggles closer to Hank, seeking his tender caresses even more. Hank didn't let his exhaustion stop him from bringing Alex close to him, though, his arms wrapping possessively around his waist.

"Alex" Hank huffed tiredly and lovingly, as the blond cuddled further into his lover's tight hold. The feel of Hank's warm, chest pressed against his body gave him warmth that surpassed that of physical nature and Alex soon fall asleep with a contented smile plaster on his face.

Hank listens to the gentle rhythm of his breathing until exhaustion claims him and he fall into a deep sleep…

Alex Hank bondage
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

ch 3 illusion part 5
Prison is a scary place for 17 years old teenager. Every criminal is older and taller than he is so he never let his guard down and always careful. The badass persona as his front so people wouldn’t think he is easy to pick on. His only friend is William (Will) who is his cellmate and about 2 to 3 years older than him. Will was caught for thievery and is quite nice. Alex is relieve that Will never ask why he cry like a lost child when he first got there or that he is a wreck for 5 weeks after that. For half a year he trudge through the days like blinkers and his ears stuffed with cotton wool until he can be happy again. Will is the only person who really talked to him. Will is also bisexual and the first thing he did when they introduce themselves is to check Alex out. It should freak Alex out at least a little if he had energy to care back then. He never meets gay or bi people before and definitely never has them stripping him naked with their eyes before. But Will quickly stop when he see how depress Alex is. Being friend with Will make being in prison more bearable. His only complain would be that Will like to bring his fuck buddy at night. The moan and groan is disturbing his sleep! And he is so not turn on by it! He is not! And he wasn’t interested in threesome! No matter what Will say.

Alex never once touch himself after the incident with Lorna, he is terrified of losing control. He thought that as long as he refrained himself, he is in no danger of losing control. Of course by cosmic rule or something things just have to turn wrong for him. Alex is always careful so when he was assaulted by five burly men on the way to the prison hospital, he really hadn’t seen it coming. His migraine doesn’t help either. He put out a tough fight but still end up with knife pointed at his throat .They are going to rape him! In his panic, his power manifest to protect himself and he killed them! The smell and sight of burning bodies made him cry and vomit. He still remembers the smell of burning bodies and it made him sick and ridden by guilt. There is no way the police can know that he is the cause of the fire that kill five men. They are just surprise that he was unharmed aside from the beating he got. After that he fights for Solitary Confinement. It is said to be a fate worse than death, it is better that way. He wouldn’t have to worry about hurting anyone anymore!

Some people might think that someone like Alex who had been through a lot of pain would be able to withstand solitary confinement. Alex would like to say they were wrong! Even the pain of losing his love one dull to the torture solitary confinement brought! Human is truly a social creature. We need physical contact and face to face interaction to survive with maximum capacity. Solitary confinement is a mental and emotional torture that slowly but effectively kill your spirit. Most people will last 4 to 5 months before their brain started degrading and then they will get succumb by dark, grey, bottomless depression. Some start hallucinating. There were also people who get permanent brain damage and can’t fully function in career or relationship.

Alex try his hardest to be strong, to hold into every sliver of his determination and to keep his brain functioning. He write on the pad of paper given. He did a lot of workout to keep his mind fresh and lower the stress level. His whole family had sacrificed their life so he could live, he can’t just give up. He should maintain his sanity. But every day seem far too long and empty, and blurring together. It is becoming harder and harder to find the spirit to do anything but sleep. He is depress and despondent and he miss people terribly. He kept telling himself that he has to be here, he has to keep everyone safe from him and his power. When he nearly get succumb by the dark, grey depression, Charles and Erik show up and it is like a blessing from god. A new beginning brought by fate…

“So this is Lorna” Darwin looked at Lorna’s picture. The blond had told him about Lorna. “She is very beautiful”

“She is more than beautiful” Alex said, his voice full of such longing. “She is perfect”

“You still love her” it wasn’t a question.

Alex is silent for awhile.

“You don’t have to worry. I am not someone who clings too tightly to the past. I can only move forward”

Darwin looked at the box that contain all Lorna’s memoir and wonder if that’s true.

Silence thick in the air as Darwin pondered all that he has learned.

“Thanks to this, I now know what you type is” he said with a smile.


“Your type is someone beautiful, hot, intelligent, fun, confident and someone who challenge your wit”

“Wasn’t that every man dream woman?” Alex said with a smile. Darwin smile back.

“And maybe you love someone who is possessive, someone who only have their eyes only for you and claim you as theirs. Someone who is a little aggressive”

“You got me there” Alex smiled. “I love a possessive lover to some extent. It made me feel wanted, needed and special. Possessiveness is a side of love. And it will be boring to have a submissive lover. I like a little challenge. Beside wouldn’t you want someone who is a little wild in bed?”

Darwin smile wryly at that. It is understandable that someone like Alex would want to feel needed and love since he lost his family at such a young age. Perhaps he just wanted someone to love and protect just like he did to Lorna. . Despite his tough exterior, Alex had a strong, loving protective nature. From Alex story even though Alex is more of a giver in the relationship it seems like Alex need Lorna way more than she needs him. He seems to give her too much love and attention.

“Anyway, don’t you think Lorna is kind of similar with someone” Darwin asked. ‘She is kind of similar with Hank. They are both gorgeous and intelligent. They were both ostracized during childhood and secretly think they are a freak. Most of all, they both need someone to tell them how perfect they are’

“Really, who?” Alex asked oblivious. “Is it Angel…No, more like Raven” Alex said thoughtfully after awhile.

‘He still can’t see the connection’ think Darwin. For a prodigy, Alex can be so dim sometime.

“Hank of course”

“Hank? You’re making a parallel between Lorna and Hank. He is a guy”

‘Maybe he is not in denial; maybe he is just plainly oblivious. Or maybe it is a mix of both’ Darwin sighed.

Hank can’t fell asleep. He keep twisting and turning his bed. His mind keeps playing what he has just learned last night. Alex is a virgin, meaning he has violated his virgin body. Even if it is fake, Raven power allowed her to turn into the exact replica of someone body. Hank head to breakfast sleep deprive the next morning. Like usual he felt someone watching him closely but dismiss it as his imagination. He is tired and grumpy. He worked until late at night before he stop. He keeps having trouble sleeping. And seeing Angel and Alex together doesn’t help his mood either. The two seem to get closer. Today, Hank even saw them leave library together, a place he though the dark girl would never go to.

Hank stopped his alarm clock and get up from bed. He still felt tired and sleepy and his head feel kind of heavy. Look at the clock, he think he only get three to 4 hours of sleep last night. Hank refreshes himself and wears his lab clothes before opening his door. He was surprise to see a bouquet of flower in front of his door. Did Raven send him this? Hank picked it up. It’s a beautiful Anemone bouquet. There’s a message tie on it. A small, wide, and ascending handwriting on it read ‘Cheer Up!’. Hank feel a warm feeling in his chest, he felt less tense and tired suddenly.

Hank brought the flower with him; he is going to thank Raven during breakfast.

Hank saw Raven sitting with Sean on one of the front table.

“Fancy seeing you with flowers, Hank. Going to give it to your sweetheart” Sean teased. His eyes shift between Hank and Raven

Raven blush a little at that.

“Actually, Raven gave it to me” he smiled at Raven warmly.

“What are you talking about?” Raven asked surprise. Hank is surprise. “I never send you any flower”

“It wasn’t you?” Hank said more to himself. “Then who is it?”

‘Who would send me flower to cheer me up. Is it Charles?’

“How nice, Anemone bouquet” Charles voice startle Hank. “I sense happiness and warm” he looked at Hank warmly. The brunette blushed.

“Did you send me this, Professor?”

“No, it wasn’t me” Charles look at Alex from the corner of his eyes. The blonde try to act like usual but Charles can feel his nervous vibe. “Though I must thanks whoever send it. I haven’t seen you smile in weeks”

“Then who?” Hank looked at Sean. The ginger looked just as curious as Hank so it wasn’t him either. Then that leave Eric, Alex, Darwin and Angel. The day Eric gave anyone flowers, horses will be sprouting wings. It would never happen. As much as Hank hopes it is Alex, the blonde doesn’t seem like the type to give anyone flowers, especially not him. That leaved Angel and Darwin. Maybe it’s Darwin. The tall man is always really nice to everyone. He say he consider them his family.

Charles voice brought Hank back from his thought.

“Anyway Anemone represents a soothing calm, a means of overcoming adversity and anxiety. The sender is hoping you can overcome the hardship and anguish you’re in” he said to Hank.

Hank looked at the flower.

‘Overcome my hardship and anguish, huh?’ Hank thought. He looked at Alex who is laughing at something Angel said. They just look so happy together and Hank felt his heart ache. ‘How is that possible, when I keep feeling this pain in my chest?’

“You know Alex, Hank thanked me today” Darwin smiled at Alex, proud at his friend. The blond grew quiet. “He thought I send him flowers. Anemone bouquet to be precise”

“So…?” the blond said with an ‘I don’t give a damn’ tone. “Why are you telling me this?” If it was anyone else, they would be fool by his ‘I don’t know anything and don’t give a damn’ act but this is Darwin and he read Alex like an open book. He is good at reading people’s mind.

“Come on Alex, I think we both know you are the one who send it”

“What make you say that?” Alex raised an eyebrow quizzically.

Darwin’s big dark eyes stare and stare at his face knowingly, expectantly.

At Darwin look, the blond sigh.

“Fine, I sent those flower. I just feel sorry for the guy. He had been really depressed all the time for weeks. I just thought I should do something for him, you know… as teammate”

“Whatever you said, Alex. Whatever you said” Darwin said lightly with a smile on his face.

He know that Alex would never admit that he do it because he really, really care about Hank.

Hank is working at the lab when his stomach churning with hunger. He is not going to take late night meal since it was unhealthy but he could drink some milk.

He went to the kitchen and saw the back of a shirtless man with milky white skin at the refrigerator. ‘Alex’ Hank’s face turned red, his hand sweaty. It is just like Alex to wander around the house clad only in his boxer whenever Charles is not around to reprimand him. The blond is never shy with his body unlike Hank. In fact Alex like it being shirtless and getting all the intention. The blond is a little exhibitionist. On closer inspection the sexy blond was drinking the milk straight from the carton.

“You know Charles told you not to do that” Hank’s voice startling the blonde. His voice slurred from fatigue.

A few drop of milk drop to his chin and a little on his hard abs. Alex wipe his mouth with his hand and quickly put the carton of milk back. The blond closed the refrigerator and turn to face the brunet. Hank is aroused instantly. Dressed Alex was sensational enough, half naked he was ravishing: the silky muscle, pearly white chest and all the milky white skin expose. Hank couldn’t help it as his gaze followed the trail of the single droplet down Alex’s hard abs. Alex follow his line of sight and notice he is staring at his chest. He can’t help but blush light pink. The room suddenly became too hot! This is just weird; usually he doesn’t mind people staring. He relish in it even. He needs to say something, anything to get out of this awkward situation.

“Hey, bozo. Looking for a midnight snack?” he blurted out.

That snapped Hank out of his intense staring and his face flushed. “Huh?”

“I ask you if you are searching for a snack, bozo” Alex grin, feeling less awkward as he is back to familiar ground. He loved teasing Hank. The older male’s face when he is angry is… interesting.

“I wish you would stop calling me that” Hank snapped before regretting it. He is in no position to reprimand Alex after what he and Raven done. Sleep deprive had left him in a sour mood.

Alex went quiet at that. This is the first time Hank reprimand him. Hank look tense and sleep deprived. There’s dark circle under his eyes, his skin is paler than normal and his eyes are bloodshot. How many hours did he sleep a day? Did he eat properly? He seems thinner now. Alex had been worried sick about him. The scientist had been retrieving into him more and more recently and keeps cooping himself in his lab. Alex hardly see him anymore, not even during breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s like he is avoiding everyone…everyone accept his girlfriend that is. Alex felt a horrible and ugly feeling churning in his stomach.

‘STOP IT! Why am I feeling like this?! Wasn’t it good that there’s at least someone Hank doesn’t avoid’.

More importantly Alex mocking may have upset Hank a lot more than he thinks…

“Hank” he said, trying to contemplate what he wanted to say. “Look, I’m sorry that I had been an ass to you. It is just… around my neighborhood and then during prison I need to get tough to protect myself”

Hank was surprise and think about it for a second. “That doesn’t change the fact that it only seems to be me you torment.”

Alex doesn’t know what to say to that. Torment is exaggerating; all Alex do is mock him. More importantly he doesn’t know how to explain himself. He can’t just say that Hank just seem to always got on his nerve especially since he don’t really understand why himself.

“You loathe me.” The brunet said bitterly, eyes downcast.

“No, no. I don’t. I just… look, I don’t hate you, okay” Alex stilled for a moment as if contemplating his next words. He couldn’t think of any proper excuse. “It is just for some reason you always seem to get under my skin…” There’s this powerful weird feeling he felt ever since they meet. It is like they had a connection or something and half the time it weird him out.

“And that’s not hate, how?” Hank’s voice broke, his heart plummeting to the ground. Alex hated him. Hank had thought Alex may have care about him to some extent but it is clear now that the blond only pity him and that’s the worst scenario. Hank doesn’t want his pity!

“I…” Alex began but was cut off. “Keep it! I know what you think of me. Some freak show, Bozo the clown with the big feet, just missing the red nose," Hank starts to shout.

Alex is shocked at his outburst. Hank is always so compose.

“No…I…I don’t mean that. I am just pulling your leg. I don’t mean any of it”

Hank ignored him and just turned and storm off ignoring Alex’s voice called after him.

“Hank, wait. I’m sorry!” Alex felt really horrible for hurting Hank. “Shit!” he said in frustration.

Like usual Hank went to Raven.

End of Chapter 3

Author note: Alex thought his entire family had died but Scott is actually still alive and in comic version it is said that his father is alive and kidnap by alien but die later on. His mother died though.

To Lorna fan, I am so, so sorry I turn her into an emotional, possessive, bossy person. I think it would suit the story and make it more entertaining. Comic version she is actually really gentle and kind. Though she did get jealous and a very insecure person.

I found out from Wikia and Wikipedia that Alex love geophysics, have a thirst for knowledge, really loving and protective of his love one, had a strong character and is allergic to tomato. He is also a great leader and tactician. So I hope I had it all cover.

ch3 illusion part 4
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

ch 3 illusion part 3
When Hank went back to his room and discovered a naked Alex in his room. He just can’t suppress his desire. He felt ashamed and embarrass. He knew how perverted this is but he just can’t help himself. There’s a deep hole in his chest and he feel fucking empty and depress. He needed to try and fill it with something, anything! Being with Alex make him forgets even if just for awhile.

“Alex, I love you...” Hank declared as he grabbed the boy and pulled him closer, into a laying position beside him. Wrapping one muscular leg around Alex’s, he pressed his face closer and enveloped Alex within a languid kiss full of devotion and warmth. His tongue pressing passed his love mouth and soon found Alex's slick hot tongue. Running his tongue along Alex's, an involuntary moan escaped his lips. Their tongue began playful dance, a sparring battle. Alex whimpered softly as Hank slipped a hand downwards until he grasped Alex's semi-hard manhood and began to stroke him leisurely into hardness.

Dipping his head low, Hank attacked Alex’s neck and began to stroke the skin with his devilish tongue, sliding and swirling over the flesh. He nip and bite along the boy’s ear and neck possessively, and he pressed his smiling lips to Alex’s collar as the boy respond to his stimulation, wrapping his legs around Hank’s hips and let out a lusty whimper.

“Hank!” Alex moan as the older teen let out a needy snarl and he pressed his naked body to the boy’s, their hips brushing. The blond moan loader as Hank’s naked body gently rubbed against his own. Hank’s forearms on either side of Alex’s head as the scientist leaned down and hungrily ran his tender lips along the boy’s pale throat, grazing upwards until he met the gentle slope of his chin. Alex whimpered as the brunet raked along the boy’s neck again, leaving soft pink trails as they teased the delicate flesh there.

Hank kissed down his neck and along his collarbone, pressing his rose petal lips to the hollow in Alex’s soft throat. The brunet licking down Alex’s shoulder and continued a pathway along his chest; his tongue swept over his skin and licked a scorching hot path across his being. Laying openmouthed kisses along his smooth warm skin, Hank heard the slight gasp Alex made as his tongue laved over his rosy pink nipple. The scientist began to tease it gently, raking his teeth along the nipple, mouthing it, kissing it.

Alex gasped out loudly, his fingers grabbing thick handfuls of brunette hair. Hank released his nipples of his attention, dipping his tongue along Alex’s chest. He began to slip downwards, his tongue leaving a cool trail behind as he found the soft slope of his belly button. Grinning to himself, Hank rolled his tongue in a circle around the area before he pressed the warm muscle of his tongue into the little puckered space; Alex squeaked and his muscular body trembled and squirmed, arching away from the invader as Hank tickled him. Giving a pleased laugh, Hank pulled away and continued on his slow path downwards. Meeting the fine trail of hair that invited him elsewhere, Hank licked his lips and purred softly, trailing his nose and upper lip down the region softly until he came to the sloped hill above his straining member.

Alex's let out a groan he felt Hank's hot, wet mouth suck on his sack. One of Hank's hands stroked the mid part of his erection while the other palmed the sensitive head and swirled his palm around it. Hank grazed his teeth against his sensitive sack and massaged it with his tongue.

Hank grabbed his hips, softly rolling the boy onto his upper back and shoulders as Hank settled on his knees in front of him. The blond-haired youth’s mid and lower back rested against Hank’s belly, his muscular frame turned upside down, head on the blankets and arms supporting himself. Hank dragged the boy’s ankles atop his shoulders, and, leaning down, was only a very short distance from Alex’s exposed intimate parts and rump. The scientist grinned, smug, as he glanced down at Alex from this compromising position. The boy was flushed, and looked willing enough to receive more attention.

Closing his eyes partway in a sly expression, Hank pressed his nose against Alex’s scrotum; hearing his small, soft gasp for breath, Hank softly purred and his wet, pink tongue darted out from between rosy lips. He gave Alex’s puckered little hole a firm lick.

“Hank!” Alex moaned, hands grabbing at the sheets wildly. Hank gave another firm, but gentle lick. The blonde let out a long, low groan and sank back into the mattress. He pressed his tongue ever so softly against the tiny entrance – not enough to penetrate, but enough to make Alex twitch and moan for more. “Oh…”

Hank’s moist tongue circled the little pink hole and then pressed down into it again; this time, he used a bit more pressure and the tip sank easily into the tight hole. Hank dipped his tongue in further, dampening the tight orifice.

“Hank…!” Alex panting, his eyes shut and his legs spread for Hank. “Hank!” The scientist chuckled and gently fondled Alex’s tight rump with his palms, using his thumbs to take hold of the flesh on either side of his entrance and spread it open a bit, using just a soft pressure. Alex was twitching, moaning, pleading for more, and Hank was happy to comply; he sank his tongue just into the little hole, wetting it with his warm saliva. Every so often he would pull out, lick up and down and around the tiny hole, give Alex’s bottom a little comforting squeeze, and sink back in again, just a tiny bit.

Hank laid him back down on his back, let him get comfortable and relax, and the brunet spread his thighs. Hank reached over to the bedside drawer, and took the oil and condom and slicked his fingers with the oil and came back to Alex, resting each of the boy’s thighs along his own, sitting on his feet.

Hank tickling a lone digit around Alex's hole teasingly before pushing gently inside. "Umph," Alex groaned, lifting his hips in delight. Hank look at his gorgeous blond before dipping his head and taking the tip of Alex's cock into his mouth, applying pressure with his tongue around the slit before swallowing him down and humming gently around the length and Alex spewed forth a number of curses to celebrate the sensation of that hot mouth around his cock and the two fingers now curling inside him, working him loose, ready to take Hank's big length.

Hank suddenly released him, kissing his way up Alex's pale torso to his mouth. He took his tongue again as he flipped them over so that he was lying on his back and Alex was above him. "Ready?" he rasped, his hands coming to grip Alex's jutting hipbones as their hungry cocks bounced together where their bodies met.

Alex nodded, taking hold of Hank's erection and lifting himself upwards, aligning himself over the other man before slowly sinking down onto him. Hank was watching him through lust filled narrowed eyes as if waiting for permission to begin. Alex settled back, his hands on Hank's thighs behind him, his feet curling beneath his knees. Something must have told Hank that he was ready, because at that moment the older teen thrust his hips upwards, jolting Alex as the penetration went deeper, more intense, and Alex heard a keening noise that he knew must be coming from him. His fingers dug deeper into Hank's flesh.

They met each other thrust for thrust, Hank propping himself up on his elbows, his eyes on Alex's as they moved together, his calloused palms moving to Alex's knees. The blond leant forward, placed his hands on Hank's chest, pinching his nipples and leant down to take Hank's mouth in a hot open mouthed kiss, all the while moving himself up and down on Hank's cock, trying not to scream when every other stroke found the place that had the power to turn his vision.

"Alex," Hank breathed into the kiss. "Alex."

It was frenzied and furious. A few more thrust and Alex's seed exploded from him and coated Hank's chest in ribbons of white.

"Alex, I love you!" Hank shouted as the explosion took him and he spilled himself inside Alex, eyes closed, his head tipped back. Alex flopped down beside his new lover and murmured, "Wow – that was...". Hank lips met Alex’s again, they didn’t speak of hunger and lust; this kiss was different. Hank presses their lips together, lightly, lovingly. ‘Just for awhile more’ Hank think. ‘Let me stay in this illusion for awhile more’

After that he doesn’t even hesitate to do it with Raven.

Tonight it was Hank turn to cook dinner. He made mozzarella cheese, turkey and pesto sauce sandwiches. Alex’s face brightens as he quickly took one. Hank smile, knowing it is his blond beauty favorite.

Before the blond can took a bite, Angel stops him.

“Alex there’s tomato in that”

Alex pale before sighing in relief. “Thanks, Angel. I don’t know there’s a tomato in this” he smiled gratefully at her. “I was really allergic to tomatoes”

‘Did I nearly send him to the hospital?’ Hank cursed. How could he be so careless.

“I know, you told me before” Angel move to Alex personal space. Too close for Hank liking. If any of them lean in they would have kiss. And Alex doesn’t look bother by this at all. The blonde just smiled affectionately at her.

“You still remember. You got a great memory”

“But, of course I remember everything about you” the dark beauty voice is far too low, far too husky and far too sensual.

“Guys it is Thursday night. Let’s play a game” call Sean chipper as usual.

“What game?” ask Raven excited.

“I don’t know. Any game”

Raven decided that they should play a drinking game and they broke into Charles’s alcohol cabinet. Even Hank who just wanted to go to back to his lab is force to play.

“Come on Hank, when is the last time you are having fun” said Raven.

“Yeah, you gotta unclench and have fun once in a while” Alex said. Truthfully Alex doesn’t want to play either since game like this tend to get carried away fast but he can’t really persuade Hank if he refuses to play himself.

Hank is surprise that Alex even care to persuade him. The brunet felt his heart soar. Alex is surprise to find himself blushing a little at Hank’s intense stare. Hank thinks it is adorable.

“You have been working too much lately. You should take a break and let yourself go” the younger male continue while evading Hank’s eyes, trying to hide his blushing face. ‘Why am I blushing?’

“They were right, Hank” Darwin said. “You should take a break once in a while or the stress will just keep piling up”

Hank doesn’t know how to object to that so he just agreed to play. He is just really happy that Alex care.

Raven tried to explain the rules of Never Have I Ever to the others.

“This game started with each player getting into a circle and putting up all ten fingers. Then, the first player says a simple statement starting with "Never have I ever". Anyone who has done what the first player has not must drink and put down one finger. Play then continues around the circle, and the next person makes a statement. The game is finished when any player ends up with all ten fingers down. We can also play an alternative form of the game in which the players drink indefinitely. We can also add an additional rule where if there is no one taking a drink, then the one who said the particular "I have never..." must themselves take a drink” Raven explain eagerly.

Hank was please to discover he wasn’t the only one who never played it before. Alex said he had seen others play it but never played it himself, and Sean was never patient enough for drinking games. Raven insisted it would be fun and said she'd start to show them how to play.

She began with “Never have I ever been skinny dipping. Now if you have you take a drink and put a finger down.”

Sean and Alex was the only one who did.

“You have been skinny dipping?” Angel raises her beautiful eyebrow at Alex while her eyes are definitely stripping him naked.

Hank can’t help imagining a naked Alex. ‘Damn’ he thought as he is half hard. It is a good thing that he wear baggy pant.

“A few times” Alex shrug “The first time is because of a dare from my friends but I really love it. The sound of the wave, the soft breeze of the beach and walking around without the restriction of clothes make me feel irrepressible free. Too bad there are girls here” he said the last part as a joke.

Sean and Hank choked around their drink at that.

“Thank god, for that. I really don’t want to see another guy naked” Sean said.

‘God, that’s hot!’ Hank is imagining Alex walking around naked. If that really happen, he fear he won’t be able to restrain himself.

Even Raven is eyeing Alex figure by now. “Actually I won’t mind you walk around naked at all” she said suggestively.

“Did you ogle the babes?” tease Darwin.

“Please” Alex said smugly. “They ogled me”

“Doesn’t anyone even interested that I have went skinny dipping before” whine Sean when no one even batted their eyelashes at him.

When there’s lack of response he pouted childishly. The ginger is so cute.

“Fine, I’m not the great Alex Summer after all”.

“Lighted up” said Raven. “Both me and Angel think you’re cute”.

“Very cute” said Angel with a smile.

Sean lighted up like a light bulb after that. Even Alex thinks he look cute even though he would never admitted it. Seriously, Sean is like an overgrown puppy that you can’t help but grow fond of.

Sean went next “Never have I ever been the only sober one.”

This time Hank took a drink, and no one was surprised since he usually drink little alcohol and wincing with every glass of alcohol he drink.

“Never have I ever made out with a guy” Darwin let out.

The girls had a drink and let down their finger. Hank going to take a drink but he notice Alex blanched a little, before to Hank and everyone surprise he drown his drink quickly.

“No way, you have made out with a guy!” Sean asked intrigue.

“I was drunk. Really drunk!” Alex quickly said defensively.

“Who is it?” the question is out of his lips before Hank can think about it, he sounded angry. All eyes turned to him. Hank flushes and squirmed under their stare, mentally kicking him for voicing his thought out loud. He was so surprise that Alex would kiss a guy that he has let his feeling show. He just hoped Alex couldn’t read through it. It would make everything awkward. Not to mention Alex would totally tease him about it.

Alex stared intensely at Hank (who blushed deeper and avoided his gaze) as if reading him. Hank sounded jealous. No, that can’t be right! Isn’t Hank straight?! Hank is still avoiding his gaze. Isn’t that enough of a confirmation. He had thought that Hank was interested in Angel and jealous of him but it seems it’s the other way around. The revelation made his stomach swoop around in circle.

‘Stop it. Why would I care if Hank is interested in me? I am not a homophobe but I am not gay either’

“Just a random guy in the bar. Never met him again” Alex’s voice was devoid of any emotion.

Hank can’t tell whether the blond had figured it out or not.

After a few worried heartbeats, Hank dared to glance at him. Alex’s expression is unreadable. Hank felt both relief and disappointed at the same time.

‘At least he wasn’t disgusted with you’ Hank try to look at the bright side but he can’t help but feel disappointed. Alex is either oblivious or couldn’t care less that Hank is attracted to him. Hank doesn’t know which is worst and pour himself another drink and down it fast, wincing. He really needs to get use to alcohol.

“How does he look like?” ask Raven intrigue.

“I don’t remember. I only met him once and I was totally drunk” Alex lied. He doesn’t want them to bother him further about it.

“I remember” Darwin eyes shifting between Alex and Hank. “It was last month. The guy was tall, slender, brunet and…” the dark male stop as he saw Alex surprise stare turn into an angry glare that say ‘I can’t believe you would do this. I thought you are my friend!’

“And…” asked Sean intrigue. He found it interesting that the description fit Hank. His eyes shift to Alex and Hank and had a devilish grin on his face.

Alex thought it is a bad omen. The ginger would never shut up about this. He would have to turn a deaf ear until Sean give up.

“I can’t remember” Darwin said and his eyes that was focus on Alex wordlessly saying ‘I’m sorry’.

Alex let out a relieve sigh.

Darwin never means to anger Alex. He just wanted to vote for Hank and Alex by letting the incident where Alex kissed someone who looked similar to Hank slip so the brunette could catch on.

Hank who noticed the eye to eye communication felt his stomach churning with jealousy. Is Alex and Darwin really that closed?

As the game continue and more revelation. Hank who had been watching the blond notice that Alex seems a little uncomfortable as the revelations just get more and more explicit! It seems weird since Alex is someone who proudly revealed he has been skinny dipping before. He thought Alex is shameless about this kind of thing.

“You know it’s pretty late maybe we should go to bed” the blond teen said.

“Come on, Alex we got to finish this game. You know, until someone put up 10 fingers” said Raven.

“Yeah, man. Don’t be a spoilsport!” said Sean.

“Okay” Alex sighed. He doesn’t know why but he had a bad feeling about this.

“Never have I ever have sex with a girl” said Raven. Sean, Hank and Darwin take a drink. Everyone (except Alex and Raven) was surprise that even Hank drink it. “Dude, we thought you are a total virgin” Sean said in delight surprise at this juicy information. He is going to get more information out of the brunet later. Hank doesn’t answer, his eyes lock on the blond and he realized that Alex’s glass is still full, his eyes downcast. Can it be? No, that is impossible? This is Alex fucking Summer! Beside what about Angel?!

“Alex, why don’t you take a drink?” Hank can’t stop himself from asking. All head quickly turn to the blond in surprise.

“Well…I…I…” the blond stammered, avoided everyone gaze, blushing pinkish red and cursing inside his mind for allowing himself to be rope into playing this stupid game in the first place. Damn, he should have trust his instinct!

“I thought you are hetero” ask Raven regretting her choice of question. Her eyes shifted to Hank wanting to gauge his reaction to this. The brunet seems dumbstruck.

“I am. I never slept or do anything with a guy” Alex said defensively. They all stare at him unconvinced and Alex continues with an edge to his voice “That drunken make up don’t count. And I have made out with plenty of girls! I have had girlfriends!”

“He did” Angel quickly defending Alex.

Angel was surprise at this revelation but she knew a straight guy when she sees one. A gay would never check out a girl figure or French kiss them. She ignore the small voice in her brain that said Alex can be a repress bisexual who only went to a guy when he is drunk enough.

“Oh my god, the great Alex Summer is a virgin!” Alex cringed at Sean loud voice. Did this guy ever have a quiet setting?!

“That actually explain a lot” whispered Darwin under his breath once the surprise wore off.

“Seriously, you make out with a random guy at the bar but never have sex with a girl. Doesn’t sound very heterosexual to me” asked Sean completely intrigue at this delicious revelation. Honestly, the boy is like a gossiping housewife!

“That is a totally different thing. I was drunk” Alex gritted his teeth, getting more and more annoy. “Look can we just forget about this. I really don’t want to talk about it”

“Come on, Alex. Why haven’t you done it before? I mean we all thought Hank was the chaste one…” Sean continued, his eyes shifting to Hank at the last bit.

Hank notice Alex clutching his glass angrily before he got up. Towering above them with his arms crossed.

“I don’t need to explain anything to you guys! It’s not any of your damn business!” Alex stormed off leaving them all surprise at his outburst.

Darwin quickly got up “I will go talk to him”

“I will too” said Angel but Darwin stopped her before she could get up.

“No” the tall male said. “It is better if I do it alone” with that he quickly went after the upset blonde.

Darwin could read Alex really well and he knew for sure his best friend was a lot more upset than angry at the revelation. Darwin also knew Alex well enough to know he is either at his room browsing music or at the bunker letting off steam. Probably the first one, Alex knew that haywire emotion won’t help improving his power control. If anything, it will make it worse.

Darwin knocked at his door. “Can I come in?”

As there is no answer coming from inside of the room Darwin decided to take it as a yes and enter.

The blond lay on his bed wearing headphone. He only glanced at Darwin once before looking at the ceiling grimly.

Darwin perched himself at the bed.

“Hey” he said gently. “Want to talk about it?”

“…No” the blond said quietly.

“It was your power wasn’t it” the dark male said softly “You’re afraid you would lose control of it during sexual stimulation and hurt someone that’s why you never go beyond kissing even when you’re really drunk”

Alex was silent for a little while.

“You know Dar” Alex smile wryly. “For an ex-cab driver you’re really smart” he teased to make light of the situation.

“My mutation can boost my intellect” he smiled before turning serious. “You would learn to control it Alex” said Darwin. “You have already improve a lot lately”

“I know but even if I master control over my power, I can still lose control under sexual pleasure. I can’t risk that” Alex said bitter and resigned.


“I am not going to risk people’s life just because my own need, Dar” Alex said harshly.

ch 3 illusion part 2
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ch 3 illusion part 1
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